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Blues Review Magazine Scouring Youtube!

Vintage Blues Finds Every Day at Facebook!

Between Facebook & Youtube it's possible to both experience and contribute to an enormous legacy of music culture that would otherwise be lost.

Just one example is all the rare & obscure Blues material the folks at Blues Review Magazine are finding at Youtube and posting on their Facebook page. They post a few every day. Uploads come from a variety of users and YT channels. It seems people are uploading vintage recordings in droves these days.

I thought I was pretty hip Blues-wise, being familiar with Robert Johnson, Son House & Blind Lemon up through T-bone, Muddy, Wolf, Hooker and Lightnin'. But just in the past week I've discovered the likes of Spark Plug Smith, James "Iron Head" Baker, TV Slim, Morris Pejoe, Peg Leg Sam, Otha Turner and many many others.

Blues Review Mag also features new Blues artists as well as your favorites. An amazing Blues music source. And you can get a great taste just by joining their Facebook page!

Blues Revue Magazine - Facebook

Blues Revue - Main website

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