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Yeah, But is Slowhand Comfortable Ironing

Clapton at an LA Laundromat??

click here for full video

First of all, someone sent this to me, so don't think I'm stalking TMZ for blog content...

Secondly, I don't believe this is EC in the laundromat. Just a case of a resemblance someone noticed, and took opportunities with.

Earlier in the week, when Clapton performed at Portland, Oregon's Rose Garden, the Oregonian newspaper reviewer opened with the following line, 

"Can you play the blues in brown leather docksiders?", followed a bit further down with, "...But they were comfortable looking shoes worn by a comfortable man playing comfortable songs, and it’s that comfort that makes this all so complicated, because there’s a fine line between comfortable and easy listening."  

Click here for full Oregonian piece... or not.

I can just see one of Fred Armisen's Portlandia series characters saying all this too! Check it out on IFC.

Oh yeah, so thirdly, I don't stalk the Oregonian for blog content either. They give ya a newspaper at the place where I was gettin' my oil changed. But, I guess I should mention that Jeff Beck was in the pit under my car. It seems that draining oil and changing filters in random cities is just Jeff's way of maintaining balance in his life.

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