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Vintage Fender 69 Oly White Strat

Real 1969 Stratocaster for Sale

Check! Check! Check One Two!

Puffy pickguard warp.

Besides the annoyance of the seller calling this a "Hendrix" Strat, this feels like a pretty straightforward listing. There are several photos, including many painstaking disassembly close-ups and detail info. They're telling us all original parts even down to the solder joints, and at least provide the pics to judge for yourself. The underside of the 3 ply white/black/white pickguard is MOT pearly, which I verified to be correct with a vintage Strat expert.

The trem cover is missing most of all 4 corners, and is probably held in place with a Wrigley's product. Double-Mint adds to your fun!

Seller: coastal.a.a - 100% positive, good history and other high-end guitar listings. California based.

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