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Unpublished Hendrix Interviews!

Coming Soon to Jas Obrecht Music Archive!

"Exciting news for the Archive: Two unpublished interviews done with Jimi Hendrix in London, 1967, have just come in from Steve Barker, a Shanghai-based BBC broadcaster. These are the first outside submissions on the Jas Obrecht Music Archive, and they're entertaining and insightful. The first one goes up later this week." Jas Obrecht Facebook March 9, 2011

That's the word folks, right from the man himself! If you're not yet tuned in to Jas Obrecht Music Archive, there's no better time than now! The legendary guitar journalist, author and Blues authority continues to bring us the best of the best. Check out recent articles on early session icons Tommy Tedesco and Carol Kaye, plus, find everything there is to know about Duane Allman from numerous features Jas has written and compiled so far. I was honored to assist Jas with his October 2010 Eric Johnson interview; another must read you shouldn't miss out on!

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