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Suhr's Michael Landau "ML" Pickups

Fletcher-Landau Pickups Now Michael Landau Pickups

Kirk Fletcher -"No Suhr."?
Through some unknown turn of events first
reported at Guitar Noize blog, guitarist Kirk Fletcher has been dropped from Suhr's "FL" pickup model designation, changing FL's to ML's.

Details on this gear industry shocker are less than sketchy. None are simply available. The pickups page at Suhr's website now displays ML aka Michael Landau pickups where once there were FL aka Fletcher-Landau pickups. Rumors that Fletcher was spotted by a Suhr employee in a convenience store stocking up on Twinkies and Seymour Duncans are totally false.

So are ML pickups different than FL pickups? We doubt it. There's always the possibility a special zig-zag on scatter wind #217 was Fletcher's doing, and may or may not be included in ML versions based upon a judge's decision or court settlement. But again, this is pure speculation. And what about Michael Landau? Does he now stand to double his benefits compensation with Suhr? We really can't say anything at this time.

What's important for you to know, is that when new FL's eventually disappear, just go for ML's. I hope this information is helpful to someone. Please resume your normal activities.

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