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Scott Henderson Mini Guitar Clinic

Pentatonic Variations, Time, Phrasing, Trem Set-up Tips, Etc...

Here's some enormously valuable stuff, just uploaded this month by Jude Gold to his Youtube channel iRawk--be sure to check all his vids! Most of us are familiar with Gold as an associate editor at GP, but he's also MI/GIT's Guitar Program Director, where Scott Henderson also teaches when not on the road.

This video's title re: pentatonic secrets hardly scratches the surface of what Scott ends up sharing. Owners of standard 6 screw Strat trems will get a valuable mod/set-up tip here, as well as techniques for trem, hybrid picking and phrasing. Scott covers a lot of areas in 14 minutes, and you'll probably wanna watch this a few times and bookmark it to your favorites. And if we're all reaaaaal lucky, Henderson won't decide to have Jude remove the video anytime soon.;))  

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