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UK Design Engineer Simon Raw Takes on Guitars

Top: "Texas Blue" - Texas swamp ash body and cherry pickguard.

Bottom: "Serena" - Zebra wood body, true oil finish.

Before taking up guitar making, Simon Raw's design engineering pursuits have focused on ergonomics and noise-vibration issues in industrial applications. As a consulting engineer in this capacity, Raw's clients have included: Bentley, Rolls Royce, Cummins, Triumph Motorcycles and others. And now, interestingly enough as a luthier, he's involved with cultivating good vibrations with his new company and website.

Like many current boutique guitar builders, Simon is incorporating his own ideas on bridge designs and wood choices into familiar & traditional guitar platforms i.e. S-types, T-types as well as Gibby profiles.

"Yes, my background in ergonomics, noise and vibration has been useful in my guitar designs but not to the detriment of the aesthetic or style of the instruments. If I was to design a guitar that evolved purely from ergonomics considerations the guitar would interact beautifully with the guitarist but look totally alien and not very rock n' roll. Guitar design has to work ergonomically but maintain the essence of rock n roll: Attitude, sex and rebellion. That is my design philosophy and one I suspect Leo and Freddie had too and which is why, in my opinion, the Strat has never been bettered.

My knowledge in vibration was helpful too especially in my Fusion designs where I incorporated acoustic overtones into my work, see our approach to guitar design on my website. "

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