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Nash S-63 Stripped Burst - Friday #207

Can We Say "Relic"? Actually We Can't...

"I'm going to wrap both arms around it and love it violently, and defend it violently, through violent hatred." Charlie Sheen

We featured a Nash last Friday too... Yeah, so?

DAMN! Looks like chemicals and strippers-- or maybe a weekend at Charlie's house are involved with this Nash S-63 finish. I'm just sayin'. Yeah, if you could back up these photos, it's probably flanked on each side by "goddesses" of some sort. Nice comforter. Helluva week for current events too!

Duh! Winning!

Moving right along here, our S-63 is listed as new, and features custom Lollar's as well as 6105 frets and a "C" neck profile that's a bit larger than a modern Fender "C". And you get a choice of cases between a poly case or tweed. Oddly, the seller also offers a gig bag choice (instead of the hard case options). Maybe they figure someone would dig a body bag vibe here... 

ur2f is the Florida based eBay seller currently listing this Nash S-63. The seller also lists other gear, including another new Nash model-- and is 100% rated with good history. Maybe he'll even take a piss test.

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