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Melancon Pro Artist Burst - Friday #208

Fat HB's and Swamp Ash!

Click images for close ups!

We're goin' Cajun for this week's Friday Strat with the Melancon Pro Artist, built by S. Louisiana based Melancon Guitars. Clicking for bigger view of the spec sheet reveals some nice features i.e. swamp ash body, stainless frets and Melancon's "Studio Package" config. with push-pull splits for lots of pickup versatility. OHSC included. Melancon makes their own pickups, and probably pretty good gumbo too! I guaaaarrraaannntteeee!!! That's a Cajun expression-- I don't guarantee anything here. 

Willoughby Music of Winfield, Kansas, is listing this Melancon as "used". They have an eBay Store stocked with lots of hi-end gear.

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