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March 2011 Guitar Player Mag Eric Johnson Interview

Great Interview by GP's Barry Cleveland!

Every Eric Johnson interview contains more puzzle pieces to collect for own ideal guitar picture. Although my ideal picture reveals I should probably take up accordion instead, it's still good to catch these nuggets of wisdom & inspiration from the Bodhi of Austin. Barry Cleveland's GP March issue is no exception as EJ shares with us the pluses and minuses of both knowing music theory and not knowing it. He also reveals more about picking techniques with and without picks-- and all points in between. If you pay attention, and apply good reading & study habits, there's some valuable stuff here.

Basically, everything is valid when your sh*#  is together.

So if you're not a GP subscriber like every other guitar player in this perfect universe is, then get your raggedy ass to Walgreens and shell out some of that ciggy or cheap wine money for something worthwhile... at least this issue.

I'm compiling every EJ interview, and plan to read them all back to back next year, during the week the Mayan calendar says the world ends, in order to attain sufficient spiritual escape velocity necessary to hit the next world in style. Gonna be a magic boy. So don't be late!


 Oct 06, 2010 - And I helped with this one!;)))
 Dec 02, 2010

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