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Fender Japan - Hollow Jazzmaster

Brand New MIJ

This is wild! Y'know, Fender Japan does some different models which aren't marketed in the US. This hollow body Jazzmaster is just one sample. As you can see, both body and neck are bound, and although it's difficult to tell in the pic provided, there is no f-hole. It is specified as a hollow body though.

Tokyo based Jo's Music Shop has an interesting assortment of new Fender Japan inventory, and they ship to USA. Besides the Jazzmaster, they have the Ritchie Kotzen Artist Strats (not for US dist) and some very cool 72 Tele Thinline variations with both Wide Range HB's and Filtertons. I do not know if the MIJ Wide Rangers have magnet slugs like the original USA vintage ones. The current MIM reissues do not, and they don't sound as nice as the original design. It's worth finding out... If I do, I'll update this post.

Oh yeah, even hollow Jags! That's right!

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