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Fender CS Custom Classic Copper Stratocaster

2010 New, Unplayed w/COA, OHSC & Candy

 '55 Vette in "Corvette Copper" 1 of 15 produced

Copper Stratocaster

We don't see many copper finish Strats, but I really dig this color! This doesn't look like the "Copper Tone Metallic" finish Fender introduced in '54 for Teles-- according to ReRanch. The closest car match I found was the very rare '55 Corvette Copper, which fit nicely with our pics here, thanks to 

Panther Guitars of Princeton, NJ is listing this Custom Shop model as new and unplayed with case, cert, etc. The listing provides literally dozens of good quality pics, including shots of the CS stamp, COA and CS emblem in the case lining lid area. The headstock face is also copper finish. In spite of all the nice photos, the seller provides no specs, so you'll need to contact them about neck profile, radius, fret size and pickup info.

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Afterthought-- I think copper gets a bad rap because of pennies, which are the joke of the coin world. People don't even want 'em. They also make Abe Lincoln look bad. Otherwise, I feel copper, and copper finishes would be much more popular in the culture.

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