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Fender 61 Fiesta Red Strat

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On the fence...

Desert Sand underneath the Fiesta Red

One day I was telling my son about how red paint doesn't do well in sunny areas, and how red cars in Phoenix oxidize faster. Then the kid explains to me why this makes sense since red is at the bottom of the electro-magnetic spectrum and thus has a lower molecular density... to which I replied, "Yes, exactly."

Anyway, here's a 50 year old Fiesta Red that's seen its share of UV and who knows what else. If only it could talk, huh! Actually the seller says it was covered with stickers and green "spray paint" when he got it, and he managed to clean it up pretty well-- even discovering a layer of Desert Sand finish beneath the Fiesta Red. Old school Fender did stuff like that.

The listing includes lots of photos, including close ups of the 1-'61 marked neck butt, stamped saddles and the brown tolex case. This thing almost looks sandblasted or acetone marinated & still 13 years younger than Steven Tyler. Yikes!

Seller:  j.l.martin-vintage-guitars - Hawaii based, 100% positive, big history seller with lots of hi-end vintage gear listings. We've featured their stuff before.

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