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FCS Tennessee Strat Masterbuild Guitar

Hybrid Gear Strat-Tele by Yuriy Shishkov

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March 30, 2011
With a COA date of 3/16/11, this 1of 4 "Strat-o-Tele" hybrid Masterbuild is fresh out of the oven!

Of all the Strat/Tele crossbreeds out there, this is one of the most interesting. First of all, it is a Masterbuild with the MB style stamp behind the headstock. A rear view also reveals a relief  heel i.e. the Jeff Beck and Eric Johnson Strats. And there is no trem, as the bridge section is mostly Tele with the plate and Texas Special Tele bridge pup, although oddly enough, the saddles are modern Strat type. The neck  pup is Strat Texas Spec, the body obviously Strat... and it has a Tele black guard & control plate. Pretty creative inbreeding here huh! Strat headstock on a Jeff Beck profile 9.5" neck, but no LSR nut. Crazy!

Oh yeah, and a natural ash body resulting in 7.5 lbs total weight! Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!

Seller: The STRATosphere - Top-rated seller with HUGE history and extensive selection of  in-stock Fender parts, including Artist Series bodies, Custom Shop Necks and everything else.

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