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Custom One-Off Telecaster

Talk About Gilding the Lilly

"The hat goes with my Tele! Wait'll I show Keef & Woody!"

2011 being the Telecaster's 60th anniversay and all, why not let's feature a Tele once in awhile. Why yes, let's do that!

Today's specimen is quite the showpiece indeed; mostly defying the workin' class ethic image of the Tele, but a nice showroom kinda pay-per-view tribute for sure. Actually, if the Pope were a Tele player- and who knows?- I suppose his Popeness would have something similar. And what better scepter with which to swat some uppity Cardinal off the stage a la Keef style. Hey! Keef would make quite the Daliesque Pope, wouldn't you say!

As for me, aside from the high maintenance bling here, I'm diggin' the reverse control plate and birdseye neck. Beyond that, the vibe gets a bit elite for Teleness. Perhaps we'll bring something more sporty next time. 

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