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Curt Mangan Strings Giveaway!

customguitarboutique.com Giving Away 12 Sets in March

And not one set to 12 people either. One lucky person will get a dozen sets of Curt Mangan 10-46's. All ya gotta do is visit CGB's Facebook , hit the "Like" button and post on the wall, "Curt Mangan strings available at customguitarboutique.com"

I haven't tried Curt Mangan strings yet myself, just like I haven't tried a Big Kahuna Burger. But I hear they make some tasty guitar strings. A guitarist himself, Mangan has worked in the strings industry for years, and started his own company in '04. We're told the strings are made from high quality materials with state of the art equipment. They use hex core wire, and no low bid wire suppliers-- same sources all the time. They strive for consistency without gimmicks. So, Curt Mangan strings aren't stuffed up a mastodon's ass in a pyramid, at zero gravity for 40 days & 40 nights. Although I heard that works pretty good from some Canadians.

Gonna try some soon. Then I'll post a follow up. And remember, one of us could win 12 sets!

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