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Bobby Lee Geometric Pattern Guitar Straps

Classic Ace style "Woodstock" 60's - 70's Era Hippie Guitar Straps

"Not necessarily stoned... but beautiful..."

Bobby Lee, Ace Woodstock designs by Souldier

Just douse one of these with patchouli oil, fire up the lava lamp and you're on the way to that happy place. Especially the green one with its 420 vibe. Recreated by Souldier, many classic guitar strap designs are top quality with suede backings, nickel buckles and real leather, handcrafted in Chicago, USA, and hopefully not by sweatshop labor.  Probably the Amish cats who make those nifty electric fireplace wood stoves...

Blazin' Toasty!

Souldier Guitar Straps
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Vintage Original - Bobby Lee & Ace:
Vintage Ace Guitar Straps

Vintage Bobby Lee Guitar Straps

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