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Sloppy Joe Shuffle Swing Thing...

Tribute Insult to Robben Ford
Tribute to Comfort Food!

Stratoblogster digs his Tele too!

I stopped using picks...

In favor of Sloppy Joes

We got snowed in the last couple days. And when I gets chilly, I usually puts the Strat aside, and warms up with the old Tele Thinline. Yessir! Things have been just alright since giving up picks, albeit a bit noisy-- not as bad as givin' up the Kools though. Still, ya gotta do something extra when ya gots no rhythm section... and only a sofa section. So I've aptly named my current transitional picking style, "SLOPPY JOE".

Warmin' my bones with Miss Thinline today resulted in today's "Sloppy Joe Shuffle Swing Thing". From my sofa section to yours! But if you're really into Robben Ford, ya better listen to him instead.

  • The little delay after the turnaround lick is my T-Rex Reptile 2. I really love this delay. It's an analog/digital hybrid with lots of parameters for tone and levels besides repeat, echo & tap features. Easy to use and rugged too!

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