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Nash S-57 Salmon - Friday #206

Relic'd Salmon With Anodized Pickguard-- SICK!

 Don't walk away Renee...

Bill Nash S-57 Salmon Anodized

Whoa! So, this guitar is kinda like that feral cat you have to talk real nice to and give it treats for like a week before it'll even come out from under the sofa and let you pet it. Yeah, Bill Nash can really bring out the forlorn, found behind the cleaning supplies in some Eastern Colorado truck stop bathroom in 1967 vibe. I can hear Tammy Wynette on the juke box over by the pin ball machine. "Stan Beyerman!" (her manager?)

Anyway, ANDY'S GUITARS, ETC. of Tallahassee, FL has a nice little selection boutique guitars by Nash, Suhr, Trussart, Melancon and more. Nice stuff!

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