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Free Streaming Concert for George Feb 25

George Harrison's Birthday Tribute Concert Online!

 Trivia: George's "Rock" Strat was originally Sonic Blue.

Tomorrow (Friday, February 25th, 2011) marks what would have been George Harrison's 68th birthday. George left us in Nov. of 2002, and a tribute concert was organized later that month by his family along with Eric Clapton & Jeff Lynne. As a special birthday observance, this concert will stream online for 24 hours starting at 8:00 AM GMT, this Friday.

Access the concert at: 

Several musicians performed besides Clapton, including Sir Paul, Ringo, Ravi Shankar, Tom Petty & others. Get the full scoop w/set list at this Wiki Link. I'm gonna burn a patchouli stick for peace when Shankar plays. You should do that too!

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