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Empress Multidrive Pedal

Combining the Vocabulary of GAIN

Empress Multidrive Pedal
3" x 4"

 I dunno, that's a lot of knobs...

The folks at Empress Effects have released their new Multidrive pedal intended to cover the full gain & dirt spectrum. And their above video is determined to show us as they bring out a variety of popular amps for some A/B testing.

What's interesting is that with the world's multitude of dirt boxes, Empress stood back and looked at 3 key words in the industry: FUZZ, DISTORTION and OVERDRIVE. These are basically the 3 categories of gain characteristics we've presently evolved to in the business of adding some grit & timbre to guitar tone.

Empress believes they've found a way to incorporate all 3 categories into one pedal. Just when we thought the pedal business was about creating as many categories as possible in order to diversify into lots and lots of different models... So all those knobs aren't so bad considering we basically have 3 pedals in one 3"x4" package designed to work and blend well together, not to mention eliminating 2 patch chords & 2 batteries or power links. The 3 sections are also wired in parallel for independent selection. And Empress doesn't make junk either. All top grade ingredients, tweaked with love. Watch the video! Are these guys NOT serious tone tweakers! 

www.empresseffects.com - Multidrive page has plenty of specs, sound clips, etc.

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