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DL Guitar Cable Giveaway!

David Laboga Cable at Custom Guitar Boutique!

Kelcey at customguitarboutique.com NYC, is carrying the DL/David Laboga line of cable. DL is a European made product, and pretty popular over there. This month, CGB is giving away a 20' DL guitar/bass cable to one of their lucky Facebook friends. Just stop by their FB page, hit the "Like" and post the following on their wall: "David Laboga Cables Wanted".

That's it! Then on Feb. 28, somebody's gonna win a nice cable with a lifetime warranty. After that, watch for future monthly giveaways of more hi-end accessories. And if you also let them know Stratoblogster sent you, I think they may even toss in a pack of Bazooka Joe bubble gum or maybe a fine Little Debbie Snack Cake product.

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