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DeTemple 56 Pablo Blue

Brand New Unplayed - No Waiting

Flame maple neck, ash body (probably one piece) and all that Sherman Oaks tuned titanium hardware.

Current Item ID #250773189016

Every now and then I search "DeTemple Guitar" at eBay just for fun. Currently there are 5-6 listed, and all are listed by Tradarama who also have an eBay Store. Besides the '56 Strat-type above, the rest are T-types.

According to Jim Palotta of Tradarama, this "Pablo Blue" model was brought to him in the unopened carton by the person who ordered the guitar. That's what he says too! So imagine ordering a DeTemple, waiting 3 years (or whatever the hell it is...), paying for it, finally receiving the guitar-- and then not even unpacking it or looking at it-- just taking it to someone for consignment (I assume) and when it's all said and done he's probably still into this guitar for well over a grand. Probably an ex-spouse or mortgage thing at the root of it all too. Do I have to get all CSI about this? Almost gets me hittin' the Prilosec right now myself! Good God almighty!

Anyway, these DeTemple guitars are top of the Stratoproto cosmos scale. Visit their link for the full course menu & wine list.

Even that former Fed guy is spinnin' out about this one...

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