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Chantel McGregor - UK Strat-o-Sister

Guitar Girls

"...And if my baby don't love me no more, well I sho know his brutha will!" (RED HOUSE, Girl Style)

photo by Paul Webster @Flickr

Worried you weren't meant to play guitar cuz of your tiny, dainty hands? Not Chantel McGregor! When it comes crankin' out some Red House, this young lady from Britain is anything but petite. At the 4:00 mark of the video she sets up for a big bend where she moves her left thumb up from underneath the neck. Ya just hafta watch for it! But mostly you just need to check out the whole video. Chantel has a bunch more clips on Youtube.

The guitar woman seems partial to Music Man axes, as we see her sportin' both a black and white MM.

I'm also quite proud to have found Chantel without Laurie Monk's help too-- although I'm sure our UK readers are probably already well acquainted with her. So why didn't anyone let me know?!

At first I thought the bass player was SNL's Bill Hader! But that's not really Bill... or is it?


Chantel McGregor interview at www.earlyblues.com

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