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Blonde 2010 Custom Shop 60 Strat

Special Order AAA Flame Maple Neck

"I may not want to admit it. I'm just a fool for your stockings I believe..." Billy Gibbons

curr item ID # 220714368992

Bizarre Guitar-Reno is listing a several new Fender Custom Shop Strats at their 100% rated eBay Store-- especially 60 NOS models in several colors. This particular model is interesting as it was a special order configuration 60 "Nocaster Blonde" finish with gold hdwr and AAA flame maple neck. But evidently the customer's fickle tendencies and OCD-like G.A.S. issues had him also smitten with a new Relic model instead, thus resulting in a sudden annulment of a very brief marriage to the Blonde.

Yeah... left her for a floozy. This sort of thing is known to happen.  But how could one be so thoughtless, to try and handle less than two.  

So now the dealer has knocked the price down a bit, although it's still like new including hang tags, candy, COA and case. A browse around their FCS Strat inventory price pointing does indeed show lesser appointed configs marked significantly higher. So if this combination speaks to you, it seems to be a pretty good deal for a good as new- albeit jilted- Custom Shop model. 

Sorta sad, but... Sweet things can always get sweeter.

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