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All Things Scott Henderson

Catch Up With Fusion Guitar's Big Dog

Gee, I haven't posted about Scott Henderson in awhile. Usually I include a cool video which ultimately gets removed from Youtube at Scott's request. However NOW, Scott has his own Youtube channel of clips he has presumably approved-- like the one above. The channel features various categories; past and more recent-- www.youtube.com/user/scott686. Don't miss the comedy playlist featuring Capt. Kirk Covington's "Giddyup Go" and Joan Baez tribute!

According to buzz at the Tribal Tech Addicts Facebook page, a new Tribal Tech album should be released in June '11 on Shrapnel/Tone Center Records. The somewhat recent video above features Henderson with the Scott Kinsey Group, which is basically T.T. sans bassist Gary Willis.

Another great place to catch up with Scott is the Scott Henderson Discussion pages where SH takes time to answer tons & tons of member questions about gear, technique, influences-- you name it. But if you're gonna register there to submit questions, be damn sure to read thru the archive because Scott and his moderator don't dig answering questions previously covered, nor do they dig lame & stupid questions not related to music. I'm just lettin' ya know because Scott left the discussion group for awhile due to the dumb ass element. The site is a valuable educational resource for people seriously interested in what a cutting edge, monster guitarist, his influences, projects and his tools are all about. Enough said there.

Scott continues to tour the world, avoiding the USA with the exception of L.A. area gigs. When not touring, gigging or recording, he's an Open Counseling faculty member at MI/GIT in Hollywood. 

Amazon's Scott Henderson "Store Page" maintains regular availability of the solo catalog, as well as Tribal Tech, VTT and misc. releases on CD & MP3.

Last but not least, we still see Scott in his signature Super Soft Washed Crew t-shirts by Big Dogs Sportswear -- guaranteed to make any guitar player run faster and jump higher.

This IS THE shirt that Scott wears! Accept no substitutes!

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