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What are the Limits for a Ukelele?

A Little Bohemian Rhapsody Just to Warm Up!

Y'know, I've never posted about Ukelele. Never had the urge. But here's something to see! Any musician who arranges instrumental covers for a single instrument will appreciate Jake Shimabukuro's arrangement and performance of Bohemian Rhapsody on the uke. He did a great job working out the original vocal sections and instrument melodies into something that really works overall. And in spite of the uke's limited range, he performs with enough dynamics to put it over. As a guitar player, this is a tremendous reality check!

This video is from the TED Conferences website, where one can be amazed and inspired in many ways. TED stands for "Technology, Entertainment & Design". Check it out!

Thanks to Darren for the tip!

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