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Vote for Little Kids Rock!

Arts in Education Needs Your Help!

Little Kids Rock is competing for a $200K grant from American Express Members Project. They need your contribution or at least a vote. The most votes gets the AMEX grant, so even if you can't donate any $$, your VOTE is still a big help!!! Below is an update, along with easy instructions and links on how to help:

"Last week, we had a 14% surge in the number of votes we received, thanks to your help, but we are still about 100,000 votes behind. There are only five weeks remaining to help Little Kids Rock capture the top sport in the "Arts and Culture" category for the $200,000 prize, so please stay with us!"

In FOUR Easy Steps... Here's How:

1. Visit: http://www.takepart.com/membersproject/vote

2. Register to Vote (you only have to do this once!)

3. Select Little Kids Rock in the "Arts & Culture" category...

4. Vote

You DO NOT have to be an American Express cardholder.
You DO NOT have to sign up for a card.
You DO NOT have to subscribe to a mailing list or receive unwanted emails.

Thanks again for giving our children the right to rock!

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