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Strat-o-Sister Jodee Frawlee

GP 2010 Guitar Superstar Finalist

Anyone who follows Guitar Player Magazine's guitar competition thing should remember Jodee Frawlee, who made the top 10 finalist group in the 2010 series, and was the sole female finalist as well. I wasn't in the loop, so I only just discovered this Strat-o-Sister from our friend Laurie Monk of Truth In Shredding

The Boston area guitarist fronts the band Starr Faithfull in which she handles lead vocals as well as all guitar duties. And being a Boston girl with monster chops, ya gotta assume she's put in some Berklee time, and you'd assume right. Jodee Frawlee from Berklee-- whole lotta "E's" going on there! The tune above is one of two song clips she submitted to GP. The one she performed in the final was more of a Satch Boogie type offering.

A few words about the GP competition. I actually watched the entire final performances and judging videos at the GP site click here. The event is formatted like American Idol & Dancing With the Stars, and this judge panel consisted of: Elliot Easton, Reeves Gabrels, Gary Hoey & George Lynch. Although they sometimes got a little goofy, they really showed a lot of respect for the finalists as opposed to the a-holes in those other shows mentioned. Also, as all the judges are accomplished guitarists, they were able to offer truly valid and constructive points without being critical for the sake of color commentary. In the judges final summary of the show, they all emphasized the uniqueness of music and musicians. So, I came away with a good feeling about the guitar community and culture compared to some of the creepiness of mainstream pop crap.

The 2010 winner ended up being the only musician who played acoustic guitar, sans backup band and unable to read or write music. As the winner, he also scored a ton of gear which he seems to need the least of all. My favorite remark of the night was by the 3rd place winner who announced that he has 30 years worth of Guitar Player magazines, and 10 years worth of 'em are in the bathroom, which definitely makes him worthy of some award. Maybe this could be the "Stratoblogster's Good Feeling About the Guitar Community and Culture" Award. Yeah! That's it!  I'll get with GP about it.

But I digress.


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