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New International Guitar Lines at CGB!

Custom Guitar Boutique NYC

 Netherlands based Aristides - 010 Aluminum finish Composite Body

 Finland based Roukangas Guitars - Duke model

 Italy based XOX Audio Tools "The Handle" Carbon Weave

Magneto Guitars is a French-Japanese designers collaboration - "T-Wave" model

Our good friend Kelcey Alonzo of Customguitarboutique.com is constantly searching the planet for interesting guitar builders with fresh ideas and designs. Above are a few of the more recent lines CGB has taken on. 

Kelcey runs an exclusive by-appointment, exotic guitar boutique in NYC. Most of the above guitars are currently in stock. Not sure about the Aristedes (endorsed by Adrian Vandenberg), but I'm sure there's one on the way. The Magneto line incorporates interesting retro style touches with superior craftsmanship, and includes an S-type model. If you know Roukangas, you know this is an ultra fine but very limited production line-- and the Duke pictured above is currently in the house at CGB! The Handle is a pretty crazy design that's getting attention from some heavy players out there, and is just the kind of radical & sexy ergonomic approach we expect from an Italian outfit.

Magneto Guitars Pricing USA

For quotes and product details, see the contact links/info. below:

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Blog: www.customguitarboutique.com/blog - Interviews with luthiers
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