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Making Fender Guitars in 1959

Footage of Leo and Fender's Facilities in 1959

Maybe some of you wondering why I didn't feature any Fender stuff from the recent NAMM show will at least appreciate the above video. If you really dig retro, relic and all those descriptions, check out this video originally made in 1959 by Forrest White. I know that in many ways things are much better now, but I ache inside for something about those old days when things were so much more simple and straight forward.

Here's a good description by the person who uploaded the clip:

"Films shot in 1959 by Forrest White. Editing by Ross Lenenski. Music by Russell "Daemonzed" Eldridge. Russell's Stratocaster guitar is from the American Deluxe Series made at the Corona Plant (Fender), USA in the Year 2000.

Leo Fender is in the second shot. No CNC machines back then, everything was done by hand. It is amazing to realize that every guitar made that year is now worth a small fortune. Archival High Resolution film transfer by CinePost. If you know the names of the employees, please let us know and we will annotate them. For more info please call 678-238-0800."

Special thanks to Dax Montana!!!

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