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Ken Fischer Modded Tube Screamer???

Trainwreck TS-9/TS-808...WTF?!

Maxon board & JRC 4558D. Okay fine...

The ever mythical Trainwreck amps of the late Ken Fischer have even more Holy Grail vibe than Dumble since there are so few, and because Fischer has passed on to the great vacuum tube in the sky. So what do ya think of a Ken Fischer modded Tube Screamer, aka a $1K Tube Screamer?

Can this be?

Well, it seems like total B.S., but the seller provides lots of board/component photos as well as an interesting history write-up on this pedal. A good looking listing overall, but still pretty unreal.

So if you really know your stuff about Tube Screamers and Ken Fischer, and have the time and $bones$-- and severe enough GAS to take on this challenge... here's a fun case to crack!

The Case of the Trainwreck Tube Screamer!

Seller: andershlagg location- Encino, CA

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