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Joe-Rat by James Tyler - Friday Strat #203

Friday Strat #203 "Rat" Style Guitar

Now that's a headstock!

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Tyler Joe-Rat Guitar
photos: www.godlyd.com

Somewhere between retro, heavy relic and steam punk... and not quite post-apocalyptic, exists the rat-o-sphere; guitars that are rode hard, put away wet and modded for quick rat gratification until the next idea pops up on Tuesday... Perhaps the ultimate rat guitar example is the EVH Frankenstein. And although the above looks like a precursor by the Ed man himself, it's actually the handiwork of James Tyler, famous in his own right for boutique Strat-types with such finish category monikers as "Burning Water", "Schmear" and "Vomit". 

I kinda like Joe-Rat! But of course there's the eternal argument of whether one should buy this sort of thing or just do one's own rat job. I'll leave that for each to decide. Personally, I could do without all the slide & toggle switches, opting instead for a standard Strat 5-way with maybe a bloody rubber thumb, eyeball or a cockroach stuck on the end. Wow! How 'bout an acrylic encased cigarette butt-- maybe a Kool filter with plum lipstick on it? See the rat thing is really up to you, and it's hardly static. This stuff evolves, or should we say "mutates" like a super flu virus. And that's what's fun about the whole thing. Anyway "Joe-Rat" is James Tyler's mutant project without the mutant headstock.


Tyler's JOE-RAT Story   

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