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Guitar Gear Demo Vids Gone Wild?

WARNING/GUARANTEE: This Video Contains Material Not Suitable for-- Someone...

"Ever notice that 'what the hell' is always the right decision?"
Unknown Hollywood script writer

Another guitar blogger who probably wouldn't post this video, sent it to me for some reason. And since we needed something special for our first post of 2011, I've also included a Top Ten List of possible captions/themes/explanations below:

#10) A shredder with severe tendinitis, determined to put in that practice time... no matter what.

#9) Doesn't play well at all, but still really loves the instrument. A lot.

#8) Early PLEK prototype demo.

#7) Fretboard conditioning approach. Lemon, linseed, bore and tung oil are all fine-- correct application is key. White gloves are a must!

#6) Performance art - "Overdrive meets Underwear" - "Hormones vs Harmony".

#5) Omitted scene from Kill Bill - Part I.

#4) She'll be at NAMM to deliver free truss rod and blood pressure testing. Right next to ShamWow booth! Don't miss out!

#3) Instead of another guitar lesson video, this is a "why I need guitar lessons video"; a desperate plea for help. Someone should respond with an appropriate tutorial package!

#2) You oughta see the pedal steel video!

And here's your  #1, kids!

#1) Anyone seen my new Joe Perry Boneyard Signature slide?

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