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Fender Custom Shop "Air Guitar" Strat - Friday #201

One-off 2003, Painted by Pamelina H
From Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Auction

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Jan. 13, 2011
Our 201st Friday Strat is early because I couldn't restrain myself. Every square inch of this guitar, except for some of the hdwr, is finished in clouds and sky. All of the neck/fretboard, headstock face, pickguard and even the pickups. Pretty celestial if I do say so!

The following listing description exerpts are pretty good at running down the interesting history of this Strat:

"...Original artwork by Earnie Merritt & John Lionti and hand painted by the one and only Pamelina H.!!! Any serious guitar collector should not pass this up! Like stated above this is THE ONLY ONE...

The story behind this guitar is that it was part of the 2003 Cleveland Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame auction and all the proceeds went to the United Way of Cleveland .. it was auctioned off for 8K to an online music store called and that year the site held a contest to win the one of a kind strat and we won the contest!

Accessories include the original black hardshell case with a black velvet interior, Certificate Of Authenticity and an owners manual..."

SELLER: kiml1575/

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