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Cee Lo's Guitarist - Sharon Aguilar

Petite Strat-o-Sister With Big Strat and Bigger Gig!!!

Cee Lo Green should re-do Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love", since he'd have the added bonus of an all girl band who REALLY play their instruments.

Guitarist Sharon Aguilar got her Cee Lo gig audition while attending Musician's Institute. Click Here for her MI/GIT promo clip. Sharon is from Miami, and she plays violin as well as guitar, and has already scored endorsement with Fender. Don't waste any time Sis!!!

I just noticed Aguilar last weekend on SNL. My kid recently turned me on to Cee Lo Green, otherwise I might have skipped through those segments. Gotta keep up with the pop music culture to some degree... never know where that next Strat-o-Sister is gonna show up!

www.youtube.com/sharonaguilarrocks www.twitter.com/Sharon__Aguilar www.myspace.com/sharonaguilarrocks

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