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Bonamassa's Goldie Sparkle Strat Auction!

Bonhams NYC, March 9, 2011

photo credit: Wooder's Pics @ Flickr.com

Looks like Joe Bonamassa is letting go of his classic gold sparkle "Goldie" Strat! Proceeds from the upcoming Bonhams auction will go to Eric Clapton's Crossroads Centre rehab facilities in Antigua. Some of EC's gear will also be on the block in the March 9, 2011 sale. The Clapton Auction page at Bonhams doesn't currently include or mention Bonamassa's guitar (update: here's a LINK), however Flickr pics at the above photo credit link include the Bonhams info. with coinciding 3/9/11 date reference.

Anyway, a Joe Bonamassa fan, who's in the loop with this stuff sent me the links and scoop. Go to the Flickr image link for lots more cool photos of Goldie!

Oooh! Check this Youtube Clip too!

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