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1955 Fender Strat with Case - Friday Strat #200

Collector's Stratocaster - A Strat for Friday #200

From Listing: 
"Q: How much is just a 1955 fender statocaster case worth? need info! the one that i have is in very poor condition but i was wondering how much it might still sell for, if u have any info you can give me i would love to hear, thank you so much. Brady Nov-25-10

A: I am afraid to let you know this but we can not sell the case only. So we are not sure how much worth the original 1955 strato case. I am sorry such inconvenience in this time. Thank you very much. Best regards."

1955 Fender Stratocaster with Case.
"I wanna come back home now!"

"Even Kansas will do!"

I thought we should celebrate our 200th Friday Strat feature with something totally vintage and extravagant. And the above pics display just that. Tokyo based Ishibashi Music is listing this '55 w/case at $61K. Ishibashi is a big gear retailer with 15 stores throughout Japan. They stock a very large inventory of hi-end and vintage gear-- and ship internationally. USA shipping on this guitar is $160. Then you'll probably wanna tack on some insurance too. Only a suggestion...

Myself, I'm just sittin' here diggin' the photos and the wide grain of that old growth ash body. Then I plan to move on with my life, and maybe have some lunch. Oooh! And check out the wear-thru on the pickup covers! click images for close-ups.

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