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Who Reads Stratoblogster? #10 Capri Anderson


Ya never expect something like this. But Charlie Sheen's recent date gone bad, Ms. Capri Anderson, is actually a big fan of Strat tones, and an avid Stratoblogster reader. Go figure... The adult actress had this to say,

"I actually got into 'the business' so I could afford better gear and maybe even attend the Berklee school in hopes of getting on the Favored Nations or Shrapnel artists roster... and just maybe even making the Strat-o-Sister list. I spend most of my time thinking about guitar playing and sweet gear. It's an obsession for me.

My recent incident with Charlie Sheen was all a horrible mistake. You see, when I accepted the invite, I had Mr. Sheen confused with Kiefer Sutherland whom I know to have a big gear collection, so I was anxious to talk guitars. Then at the hotel, I suddenly realized my mistake but also quickly remembered that Eddie Van Halen had been on Mr. Sheen's show Two and a Half Men. So I attempted to engage him about any EVH gear secrets he may have procured... And that's when he became very angry and violent.

So I've decided to keep my hobbies online where it's safe; at sites like Stratoblogster, TGP and Strat-Talk. Although I am considering a merch booth a NAMM-- like with a pole and everything. Whatever it takes to pay for music school y'know. It's not Sham-Wow, but it's a living I guess."

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