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Trussart Steel-O-Matic, Friday Strat #197

Cream on Red Roses Metal Top!

James Trussart Steel-O-Matic Cream Red Rose Strat

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This James Trussart "Steel-O-Matic" S-type model features a cream over red engraved roses finish on a chambered pine body with a steel top and matching headstock face plate. COOL!!! Can you friggin' deal with this already?! Remember that most Trussart bodies are all metal-- but this one steps into the hybrid zone, similar to Gigliotti yet still retaining the Trussart vibe with a polite nod to Zemaitis. AND IT'S A STRAT!

Warpdrive Music aka Cream City Music currently lists this exotic specimen at their eBay Store, along with plenty of other ultra-fine gear for your inspection.

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