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Suhr Scott Henderson Fiesta Orange

New Henderson Model!

Suhr Scott Henderson Fiesta Orange Guitar
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I'm not much for orange guitars. BUT a Fiesta Orange Suhr Scott Henderson is another subject altogether!

Virginia based Rocket Music, Inc. is currently listing this brand new Henderson model at their eBay Store. Complete with hard case and Suhr paperwork, this guitar is set-up, equipped and wired exactly to Scott's configuration specs. Jumbo frets, D neck, FL pups, Vintage style 6 screw bridge, etc. So basically, whoever picks up this guitar will play and sound just like Scott Henderson. This could really put a damper on things for Mayer & KWS geeks, being trapped into playing like Henderson with no way out. Hopefully it will find a home with someone who appreciates it... Like me. Hey! I'll just ask Santa Claus for this guitar!

"Dear Santa,

I've been good this year... pretty good. And I promise to be better next year, and the year after that even, if you bring me a Suhr Scott Henderson Strat THIS Christmas! ANY color will be ok!

Your friend,
JP Stratoblogster

P.S. Our house will have the bitchinest snacks too!"

Done! It's been awhile since I wrote to Santa Claus. It felt good too. Nice short, concise letter as well, because I understand he has to read thru literally tons of mail from people who don't always get their point across very well. They ramble and include all sorts of useless crap that tries & tests his jolliness. My letter will be an exception! And we will put out righteous snacks for the man too, like deep fried Twinkies and 8.5% Imperial I.P.A.! We're not pissin' around this year!

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