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Strat-o-Sister National Anthem NFL Debut!

Is Malina Moye the First Female Guitarist to Perform the Star Spangled Banner for a Pro Sports Event?

Could be! Unless someone proves otherwise, I believe we're witnessing a milestone event here folks! AND Malina is a lefty-- AND she's playin' a Surf Green Strat-- all firsts! Call friggin' Guinness already!!!

And we're talkin' Cowboys and Vikings too, so this is a big deal. This ain't some roller derby gig in Walla Walla! She even has Brett Favre's attention-- you notice he's not texting or screwing around here.

Malina Moye joins an elite group who have done Old Glory proud for a major event, including: Satriani, Vai, Eric Johnson, Slash, Zack Wylde, Neal Schon, Eric Gales and of course JIMI. Click Here for a compilation of such performances.

If the Hendrix one is removed again, go find another at Youtube-- Janey's just doing her job.

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