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New T-Rex Reptile 2 Delay Demo

T-Rex Engineering Reptile 2 Echo Delay Modulation Upgrade With Tap Tempo and Tone Control

Looks like the T-REX Reptile 2 should be hitting the streets pretty soon! I'm playing with one right now, and so far we're talkin a FAT delay pedal! This analog/digital hybrid pedal is loaded with solid features in a small, bullet-proof package with true bypass. The upgrade from Reptile to Reptile 2 includes a tone control and tap tempo for the delay rate. The "Flutter" section allows you to create vintage tape echo effects as well as modulation effects. Besides lots of delay settings & 50's style slap echos, the modulation settings allow for chorus, and even some univibey sounds.

I'm still working on the vibe stuff, but wanted to post a video of this truly fat delay. My favorite part so far is the delay time and the broad control parameters. T-REX has really put a lot into this very small housing. It was much smaller than I expected-- check out the proportion to my hand in the clip.

My apologies for talking too much here and in the video. I always hate gear demos with too much talk, and yet I'm doing the same damn thing here. But I wanted to go over all the controls. Stay tuned for a future clip with more modulation stuff and hopefully LESS TALK!

Click Here for more info and specs at the T-Rex site.

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