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Laura Duncan - British Import Strat-o-Sister!

L.A. Female Guitar Players

Laura Duncan's tag line is "Originally from England, now a fine import". We're cool with the Parker because Laura's got great tone and riffs, as well as a soulful vocal style! This girl wants to play guitar too. According to her bio, when she was a kid she was so inspired seeing a great guitarist on TV, that she threw together a guitar using elastic bands and a shoe box, which kinda reminds ya of the stuff those original Blues cats in Mississippi would do. Only Laura Duncan don't look like Blind Lemon Jefferson.

On a somewhat concerning note, it's been quite awhile since Laura has posted anything on her website, blog or myspace. Perhaps life has gotten in the way of making music a bit. So check her links, and post an encouraging comment!


Referred by Laurie Monk from Truth In Shredding

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