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Guitar Blog Hi-Lites

From Around the Guitar Blogosphere

Here are a few items from some of my favorite blogs out there. 

Rich at The Guitar Channel continues to crank out the very best Fusion-Prog guitar content. He recently posted his personal top album list for 2010. If you're into these genres, I highly recommend checking what Rich is listening to and posting these days.

The Jas Obrecht Music Archive is one of 2010's biggest hits. The veteran guitar writer started his blog in May 2010 for the purpose of publishing a huge archive of complete and unedited classic features from Obrecht's 20 years at GP/Frets, and also writing for Living Blues Magazine. Jas also does new features, including his Oct. 2010 Eric Johnson interview. This blog is rapidly climbing the web ranks because it's THE RIGHT STUFF!

Nightwatcher's House of Rock is a cool blog for fans of Classic Rock interested in keeping up with what these artists are doing now. New artists & bands who have that raw early to mid-70's vibe are also featured. If you're into stuff like Free, Thin Lizzy, Blackmore, UFO & Zeppelin, as well as Joe Bonamassa's latest projects, you'll dig the Nightwatcher.

We're also seeing good gear reviews and guitarist features from GuitarNoize and iheart guitar blogs. GUITARZ is still the longest running guitar blog (8 years?), and Truth In Shredding is THE data base listing of every rock guitar player on this planet-- plus a few from other planets too I'm sure.

MusicRadar.com, Guitar International and National Guitar Museum are also bringing us plenty of good material.

And it seems like EVERYONE is bringin' it to Facebook and networking there like crazy. So 2011 should continue this explosion. With Winter NAMM just ahead, and Jeff Beck with 5 Grammy Nominations, there's plenty to look forward to in the new year!

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