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Ford Shelby GT500KR Fender Stratocasters

From the 2008 Limited Edition 100 Piece Run

Current Item#: 230564703037 (#16 of 100)


Remember these? Blue Oval Industries is currently listing #16 of 100 at their eBay Store, and say they have more units-- all within the first 25 pieces. These Shelby Strats are new condition-unplayed, and in original packaging with all candy.

Originally released in Spring of '08, this FCS produced run was available exclusively through Ford Motor Company at $5600 each. Blue Oval Industries, a hi-performance Mustang parts supplier, acquired some of these Strats, and currently list #16 as a Buy It Now at $4400.

For more background on the Ford Shelby GT500KR Fender Strats, check out the following article:

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