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Fans Interview Eric Johnson at MusicRadar.com

Eric Johnson Really Answered YOUR Questions!

Perhaps the next best thing to Jas Obrecht's brilliant Oct. 2010 EJ interview is Joe Bosso's MusicRadar feature JUST POSTED. Bosso recently solicited questions for EJ from his fans, resulting in a great interview format!

I even stepped out of the Strat box submitting a question re: the potential of an Eric Johnson signature Gibson guitar i.e. an "EJ-335". His answer is sure to inspire and/or incite a wide variety of reactions depending upon where one is on the Fender - Gibson scale, or maybe more accurately, the secret mystery cult codes of the Gibson hierarchy scale. But we'll leave that up to your own interpretations...

Another great question addresses the evolution of his soloing in terms of rhythmic pulse vs stepping outside. I dig stuff like this!

Another MUST READ for Eric Johnson fans!!!

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