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Custom Leather Guitar Straps

Hand Tooled Guitar Straps by Heavy Leather NYC

Handmade Concho Guitar Strap
Hand made conchos with precious metals!
Heavy Leather NYC Concho Guitar Strap
Premium leather... Good Guitar Straps Come From Happy Cows!
Guitar Strap Heavy Leather NYC

Heavy Leather NYC makes serious hi-end guitar straps and leather accessories by hand using top quality materials. These are the real deal and will probably last forever. You could even use one of these to tow someone out of a ditch this winter if it were absolutely necessary. But don't tow just anyone. Or if you're the one in the ditch, you could use is as a traction device or survive till Spring chewing on a strap by Heavy Leather NYC. 

Then again, maybe you'd simply appreciate a fine leather guitar strap for it's own sake without such extreme scenarios.

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