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Zebranalogic, Dwarfcraft & Tortuga at GearGASStore

Zebranalogics Cyclops Optical Delay
Zebranalogic Cyclops Optical Control Delay Pedal
(Reminds me of something used during my alien abduction...)

Tortuga Rain Delay
Tortuga Effects Rain Delay Digital Echo & Delay Pedal
(I think I can figure this pedal out!)

Dwarfcraft Dream Mangler Pedal
Dwarfcraft Devices Dream Mangler - Ocsillating Fuzz
"DF oscillation is controlled by the joystick, as is the intensity of the VFM. Noises aplenty and volume to spare. Let’s face it, turning heads is old fashioned. You need to turn stomachs."
(Can't add anything to this one!)

If you're tired of ordinary boring pedals, Geargasstore has plenty of wild stuff. Just reading some of the crazy product descriptions reminds me of these shroom eating DeVry students I used to know in Phoenix. Maybe those guys became boutique pedal builders, if they didn't score cushy defense contract gigs. If guitar effects pedals could be used to fight the war on terrorism, Geargasstore probably has those kind in-stock.

They're also a dealer for BYOC (Build Your Own Clone) kits. Create your own whacky theme!


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