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uke3453 - Young Guitar Wonder

Ukelele at the Moment, But Look Out!

He even nails the bridge and the turnaround!

uke3453 is the Youtube channel for our young Japanese brother's very popular videos. This video has nearly 30 million views currently. Below that is a Steve Vai interview uploaded just yesterday by Justin Sandercoe.

After watching the Vai interview, watch the top video again. Some of Steve's points about childhood, talent and the learning process are spot-on, as can be observed with our 5 year old ukelele player. 

Steve Vai is putting lots of attention on education lately. I discovered Sir Ken Robinson's Changing Education Paradigms video when Steve recommended it on his Facebook.

Sandercoe has posted some great video interviews. I also strongly recommend checking out his Scott Henderson interview clips.

Anyone who actually watches all the video I've just referred to may experience major enlightenment.

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